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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Will YouTube's new rules kill its Nintendo content?

I doubt that we are going to see the FTC using this as an excuse to demonetize legit non-kid content. But maybe if you are in a super grey are@ like playing exclusively cute video games with no commentary, hmmm.

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I don't care much about YT and the channels over there. But to limit ads on children oriented content by censorship enforcing is a no-no for me.

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I can see this backfiring in several potential ways:

The past couple years had a "family-friendly" meta, in order to get ads with a high pay-out. It would be ironic if those same "family-friendly" channels started posting profanity in order to ensure that they aren't categorized as a kid-friendly channel. The problem is that you have some legit 6 year olds that have been watching the family-friendly channel and then get exposed to profanity. It's a lose-lose.

It is quite bullshit that a website that requires the user to 13 years old or have consent can still be subject to this egregious money-grab. At least that's the way it appears to me, with my limited knowledge (which was probably biased when being fed to me).