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Random_Matt said:
Trumpstyle said:

Here's a nice picture what cloud gaming is capable of :)

Running 1440p/30fps according to eurogamer

Yep, only people praising stadia are ones who have to idea about quality. People who do know it sucks, fail written all over it. Welcome to the future folks.

Yep 4K blu-ray is soaring, streaming 4K at 18 mbps has fail written all over it :p
My cable provider still works in 720p / 1080i, avg 8 mbps mpeg-2...

People care more about convenience than quality. Load times are vastly reduced, no download necessary, works on multiple devices.

Besides that Switch is the hottest console right now while the ps4 pro and XBox One X are still far behind their base console sales.

Here's the complete picture btw

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I'll stick to PC forever, may pick up some switch games. Brother was insistent on buying a newer model and giving me the older one for free.