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Forums - Gaming Discussion - WWE 2K20 Launch S*** Show

I really wanted to get back into these games but I guess I have to wait til next year.

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Xxain said:
Well look at that; they cut ties with Yukes and the first installment without them is the buggiest ever. Series has always had bugs, but not this bad. Fear not, Yukes has announced a new wrestling game just compete with WWE 2k and it will use No Mercy on the N64 as a base.

Even today, No Mercy is the best one ever.

I like the idea of going back to the N64 style. The modern games are overly complicated.

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JRPGfan said:
There is no "its so bad its good"..... its just bad.

Jpcc86 said:
"So bad its good" until you pay those $60 for it. Then its just bad.

Yeah, I know what you guys are saying. I don't abide by crap like this, and there are surely some angry customers out there. Having said that, there's definitely some fun to to be had in such a huge blunder. Probably more so as an outsider. I'm sure there are even those out there, without video cameras pointed at them, that bought it, and are having some laughs at the mess in front of them. To quote the YT video I linked: "Fuckin' Shit!"

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