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Forums - Microsoft Discussion - I got my first Xbox 360 Controller after years of DualShock

I'm a PC Gamer. Well, I also have a Playstation 2 and a Nintendo 3DS, but my main platform is PC. Usually I play with keyboard+mouse, however, I prefer to play 2D, Fighting games and emulators with a controller.

I got my PC in 2007. My town is pretty small, so I always bought my controllers at the same store. They only had DualShock PC/PS2 controllers. I only touched an Xbox controller once in my life, and for about 30 minutes.

However, today, my mom went to the city, and I told her my PC controller was busted, so I asked her to buy me a new one. For my surprise, she went to a different store, and came back with an Xbox 360/PC controller!

Man, that was unexpected. I was pretty sure she would bring me another DualShock. She told me I could return it if I don't like it, but I really wanted to try it.

I installed it and tried some SNES games.

Man, that controller is really cool! I like the colors of the main XYBA buttons and the overall design. At first I was unsure about the analog position, since I have over 10 years of DualShock, but it was really confortable to use it.

I also like the LT/RT buttons. A friend of mine said they are great for shooting games, I want to try some Spec Ops: The Line later.

Like I said, that was mostly my first contact with that controller, since I only played Xbox 360 for about half an hour back in the days, and all my other controllers were DualShock. Maybe I'll still use keyboard+mouse for first person games, since I'm really, really used to it.

Great controller!

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That left stick position somehow just fits my left thumb and i think thats a remnant from my n64 days

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Xbox One Controller is an improvement in every way but I'm glad you like the 360 Controller. For some reason, when the generation began, the media tried to say the Xbox One Controller was a step back but whenever I play 360, the difference is huge.

But enjoy the 360 version. It's still awesome... aside from the d-pad.

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It saves a lot of frustration with PC games that always show the XBox button layout when you use a DS4. Plus certain games like FH4 won't work at all with a DS4, even if only plugged in for charging. I bought a wired 360 controller just for that. I did have to bring it back a week later as the left stick was defective. When you pushed left it would briefly register a full right input before going left. That didn't go well while racing!

I could never fully get used to the "S" after the glory of The Duke. The "S" was a fine controller in it's own right though.

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I find for first person/third person/action games the Original Xbox/Xbox 360/Xbox One controller layout with it's asymmetrical joysticks is the ducks nuts.

But for the life of me... I can't stand to use it for 2D/Platformers/Fighters that rely on the D-Pad, much prefer Dual-Shock or a SNES controller, not sure if it's Microsoft's D-Pad itself or the placement.

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