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Forums - Sony Discussion - Shawn Layden, Head Of PlayStation’s Game Studios, Departs

xl-klaudkil said:
HollyGamer said:
As long Shuhei and Cerny are still there, Playstation will still be strong. It's like when rotating the management in hospitality industry or F&B , I would keep The Chef and the Bar Head that cooked and prepared the product that has the identity of the restaurant and has the selling point.

Cerny is the father of Playstation hardware (modern Playstation) and Shuhei is the father of Playstation games and creativity. Both of them creates the product , both are like the chef and the head bar.

Then i gues nintendo is toast when miyamoto is gone.

Well perhaps, unless if there is someone that can replace him that has the same level of legendary  , but Nintendo is full of talented people  like Eiji Aonoma, or Sakurai. 

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I much preferred Andrew House, but I guess Shawn did some good teases. Now I guess there won't be anybody? I wonder who will headline PS5 reveal.

He was so classy, I will miss him.

bring back Jack Treton


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Oh! eeeeeeeeehmmm

More retired

Inb4 Don Mattrick is hired for the role.

Also, it's odd that with Reggie out, two of the big three Western spoksmen are gone in the same year.

Well he had a long tenure and many achievements, I wish him best of lucks and that he doesn't land on a competitor.

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This is the guy that removed Japanese flavored games from SONY's line up. No JRPG's from SONY because SE already does that.

Well this could end up being really great or the complete opposite depending on who replaces him, im hoping for the better.