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Forums - Gaming Discussion - I recently bought the PS4. My first Sony console.

Yakuza 0, Yakuza kiwami 1 and 2 are great games. Horizon zero dawn and rachet and clank are also cheap right now on psn.

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Yes, soon they all join the dark side. Just as I did in the PS vs N64 battle. Was a big Nintendo fan before that.

Have fun with your new console.

IMO: the greatest console of all time!

Nice! I am still getting most games on Switch because I make big use of the portability factor, but if you have the time to spare at home the PS4 has some good deals. Congrats on your purchase.

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It's a good console. Enjoy yourself.

Surprised it is your first, I to was a Nintendo fan growing up since the nes, but never locked myself to one company.

Just as you dont have to choose between DC and Marvel, you dont have to choose between Nintendo and Sony. Never lock yourself to one company, you miss out on a lot.

The PSN is a slog to load.... but the prices are good, I buy physical for all games I care about, on PSN I buy when they are dirt cheap and I don't care much.

Now welcome to playstation and enjoy your stay.

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Burning Typhoon said:

Me personally, I'd grown up with sega and sony consoles.  Today, I've rebought the ones lost to time, so I have all of them.  However, I started with the genesis, and moved up from there, and with PS1, and moved up from there too, however, I did not generally own both at the same time, because one of them would break, and I'd flip to the other side.  Only my 4th sega genesis survived my childhood.

Anyway, I was console gaming until this generation.  I built my first gaming PC... was unsatisfied with it, so the following year, I built another.

There are just some things I cannot go back to.  I can play MGS4 on PS3, no problem.  Start to finish, even if I hadn't touched it for a looong while.  Same goes for something like Mega Man Legends, which I did in one sitting.  However, the PS4 has disappointed on so many levels.  I even got a PS4 pro to add to the collection, and it didn't do it for me.

Uncharted 2, an 3 were fun on PS3, but I couldn't play very much of uncharted 4.  I got bored of spider-man.  Never opened ratchett and clank, and God of War, I played partially.

Part of my issue with the PS4 is how disconnected it feels from the rest of the brand.  On PS3, I can play my entire catalogue of PS1, 2 and 3 games on the same console.  Games I previously owned on PS3, the multiplats, I had to rebuy.  The last of Us came with my PS4, which dulled my experience even further.  I have this new console, and packed with it, is this game I played tons on PS3.  It's like playing sonic 3D blast on sega genesis, and when you get a sega saturn, you get sonic 3D blast... again.  Then there was beyond: two souls, which eventhough I played a lot on PS3, and beat it 11 times, start to finish, I somehow did it again on PS4.  The only other PS4 game I ever finished, was Detroit: Become Human.

I guess I understand.  Not as many people had a PS3.  So for many of those games from there that got PS4 re-releases, they're new, but to me, it just cheapens the console, because I've played them already.  Dead or Alive 5, Guilty Gear Xrd, Blazblue, etc.

But, in 2016, I started gaming on PC, and then, getting multi-plats on console just seemed silly, and for me, it was.  So, today, I'm left with games that don't interest me, because I've played most of them already, or they just feel too similar.  Play through a story, through a closed environment, in most cases shooting, or hacking through enemies.  God of War, Uncharted 4, Spider-Man, they're too similar.  Last of Us, Beyond: Two Souls, and the other games, were just PS3 games to me.

I'm playing overwatch and tekken 7, on PC, these days.  I bought Tekken on PS4 and PC on release day, but curiosity made me try overwatch on console, just to see what it was like, and playing shooters with a controller isn't something I'm looking forward to doing again.  Recently, I went out of town, and bought mortal kombat 11 on PS4 because I can't take my PC with me, but since I've been home, my PS4 Pro has been in the box, the PS4 is on the shelf with the other consoles, and my PS3 consoles are connected along with my PC.   And then, adding to the fact that I have to pay for PS+.  Not something I'm willing to do when I know I wont play very much.

Glad you're enjoying it though.  To be honest, my Switch gets a little more time than my PS4, but it's due to everything I said above.  Having the exact same games to play on PS4 that I'd played on my PS3, and then finding out how underpowered the consoles were, just really put me off that console.  I'm looking forward to Last of Us 2, though.  And I will be getting that game on PS5, not PS4.

Well... this came outta nowhere...

I was already jaded by your pst with all the PS3 mentions ( I mean come on we are in 2019 and the PS5 is right around the corner) but the final straw was when you said the bolded were all too similar. The only thing similar about those games is that they are all third-person perspective games. By that logic you might as well throw in Horizon, TLOU, Bloodborne.... hell every third-person perspective game in there too.

Oh, and the real benefit of paying $60 for PS+/year... is for the 24 PS4 games you get. But you would know that if you weren't already biased wouldn't you? 

Again, exact same games n PS4 that you play on PS3? Complete BS. Talk like that just made everything you said lose credibility.

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