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Forums - Sony Discussion - A Playstation announcement hinted for EVO 2019 (Aug 2-4)

Lryu222 said:
No way they would make SF6 exclusive.

I doubt it.
Capcom are not in financial trouble this time around, and it seems too soon to announce PS5 games anyway.

Zoombael said:
What is EVO? /tilting head inquisitively

It's the biggest fighting game tournament in the world, held once a year.
If you click on the tweet you can find info about EVO:

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Street Fighter V Special Edition

Jpcc86 said:
Fingers crossed its a new Clayfighter.

lmao... that brings back memories.
I played the old ones back in the snes/n64 days.

Back in 2016, apparently Interplay sold most/all of their IP.

Wonder who actually owns Clayfighters atm.

Hahaha Sony affraid by Smash.

Coolback said:
Hahaha Sony affraid by Smash.

Why would they be afraid of Smash?! Smash has been a thing for a long time. Sony wasn't concerned with their success. They were inspired by it. Seeing as we got PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale.

I hope it's a fighting game exclusive worth missing E3 for at least.

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Well, then i hope its going to be a new and somewhat original fighting game, not the same old same sold, not the same faces and names, no StreetFighter2000, no Ken, no Ryu, no Chun-... although i really like her.. nice leg work... mhm...

Hunting Season is done...

think-man said:
Hopefully Playstation All Stars 2, I need a new smash like game.

I would love it. I loved the first one. 

vivster said:
Finally more news about Playstation All-Stars 2.


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