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Forums - Movies Discussion - The Witcher (TV series) - Official Teaser Trailer


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It has a Game of Thrones kind of vibe to it methinks...

I wish Netflix had added a release date as they sometimes do at the end of their trailers.

In any case it's a must watch show.

Looks neat ... oh wait, there's that CGI looking average monster I was looking for to break my immersion !

I'll recommend to a pal who's been on the lookout for something else since Game of Thrones finished.

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Yennefer looks really thin. Hopefully this will be good even though I haven't read the books and since this will not take any reference from the games(?).


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Ah...Superman with a bad wig.
Yennefer is completely off.
I like mousey Ciri.

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Looks good, there's just a couple of shots that look low budget lol. The troops running down the hill at 1:05, and the CGI Spider coming out the swamp at the end. Hopefully the first season does well and they have more money for larger scale effects next season.

Does it include a release date? Because that's the only thing I'm interested in. Couldn't care less about more screenshots or trailers, just give us a release date already!

Looks alright. Better than the first season of GoT. Let's see if the story holds up.






Wonky CGI aside it's looking pretty good and I reckon it could actually turn out great. Besides, if it does well they'll probably pump more money into future seasons... look at Stranger Things as an example, the Demogorgon in the first season looked pretty dreadful, whereas by the third season the CGI is pretty top notch by TV show standards!

Looks better than I expected. I'll give it a chance at least.