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Forums - Gaming Discussion - E3 1999 Voting


Who won E3 1999?

SNK 0 0%
Bandai Namco Entertainment 1 4.17%
RARE 4 16.67%
Sony 1 4.17%
SEGA 8 33.33%
id Software 0 0%
Nintendo 6 25.00%
Square 4 16.67%
Naughty Dog 0 0%
Capcom 0 0%

Sega won, I think.

But at the time, in the grand scheme of things, Sony had the lion's share of media momentum. Mostly because of their announcement of the PS2 parts, with the demo's and so on. Sega had the show, but people were really talking about Sony and the PS2. A similar thing happened again in 2000(the MGS2-gate).

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The_Liquid_Laser said:
Dulfite said:

Dreamcast was huge. I still remember how big that felt as a kid. I voted for SEGA as well.

I wrote it off at first only to find out much later that it was a really good console.  Unfortunately all of the used Dreamcasts I've gotten lately seem to break down.  I still haven't touched most of the game library.

Me neither, I just remember it coming out and wanting to play it but only one friend/neighbor of mine had it if I recall.