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did you know etika was missing 5 days?

Yes 16 26.23%
No 45 73.77%
KLAMarine said:
Fucking hell man. There was help available if you were feeling down.


"feeling down" and clinical depression are two very different things - the later is literally a deadly disease often characterized by a chemical imbalance in the brain and needs tons of special and personalized treatment

imo calling it "mental cancer" would appropriatly show it's severity and take nothing away from actual cancer

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Oh christ. :(

Every time I tried to find an update on the situation I was so scared of this happening, waking up to seeing the news of him actually being gone.

Heartbroken right now, I didn't watch all his videos but I always knew about him and remember a lot of the popular ones and he always seemed to have so much fun. He was so young too.....

Rest in Peace.

Edit: Tears. Nothing but tears right now. I truly can't believe this. He deserved so much better. 

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Never heard of him. Still, may he rest in peace.

RIP Brutha...
Wakanda Forevah!!

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[edit: I wished Don Cheadle was my dad.  I couldn't get 20 secs past this song...30 max]

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50k subs doesn't make you famous.

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Sad news, watched a few of his videos and seemed an OK guy.

ArtofAngels said:

50k subs doesn't make you famous.

Hopefully this edgy comment will net you an extra 12 people in your fame meter so you can feel better about your insensitive ass.

I have to admit it is really a bit shocking.
I did not watched too many videos of him, but still quite some reaction videos and I totally liked him and them.
Wow, really bad news this evening, my stomach at the moment is turning a bit upside down, man.

RiP Etika... will miss your reaction videos :(


Man, the more I read about it and the more I watch his videos and the more I think about it, the more tears are running down my cheeks. In the meantime it got much more than just "a bit shocking". Its sad and painful even though I did not knew personally of course. Man, its really shitty... especially after seeing the video of his "final request".

Holy shit man... I havent got any more words...

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It's very difficult to deal with it... I'll miss you my Joycon Men, and rest in peace

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ArtofAngels said:

50k subs doesn't make you famous.

Someone dies and you are more concerned about how many subs the guy had and if he was famous or not?

What a shitty way to be...

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