Forums - NSFW Discussion - Too much alcohol reduces the size of your testicles

How do you feel about yours?

Too large 7 24.14%
Too small 2 6.90%
Perfect 16 55.17%
They hang too low 3 10.34%
I wish I had some 1 3.45%

How about excessive masturbation and a generally over-active sex-life where random quickies are pretty regular throughout the day?

Let’s say that maybe that grows your balls.

And this isn’t about me by the way...

What if there is a lot of alcohol involved? Like for example when your mom is visiting the town and she becomes worried that everyone knows you as “The Scotch Guy”

So, kind of a classy Errol Flynn style town-drunk?

Would you say the two cancel each other out? Or would there be some positive/negative but sizage going on?

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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Personally, I think my balls are way too large, I'm just saying! I needs the alcohol to fit them in my pants!

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sethnintendo said:

Then why the fuck does my left one hang so low. Damn vein...

Put cold water on them and they will contract and move closer to the body.