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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Leak: New Rainbow 6 Game Coming. Campaign and Co-op. No competitive multiplayer

Ubisoft will reveal a non-competitive spin-off in the Rainbow Six series at E3, rumours suggest. The game will be called Quarantine and be set in space. Tom Clancy’s space.

According to Kotaku’s Jason Schreier, Rainbow Six Quarantine began life as Pioneer, which was first teased in a Watch Dogs 2 mission about breaking into a Ubisoft office.

Pioneer had been directed by Far Cry 4’s Alex Hutchinson as a non-violent space exploration game, but was eventually scrapped and retooled as a co-op shooter. Last we heard it was about fighting aliens and rooted in Rainbow Six’s Anvil game engine, so the new name fits.

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So this and Watch Dogs are the new announcements UBI had.