Forums - Nintendo Discussion - John Stossel does piece on Nintendo: do they manufacture shortages? Is it good for children to play?

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Yes and no.

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As with most corporations we'll never know. It's either malice or incompetence, both of which are bad for the consumer.

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"do they manufacture shortages?" - of their consoles? I don't believe so.

Of some Amiibo and Nes/Snes Classics? Probably.

That Peter Main guy seemed pretty genuine to me and not like he was lying through his teeth.

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Considering how it happened with Wii and Switch and that in the case of Wii they took over 2 years to correct, yes I'm pretty certain they "manufactured" it.

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The Wii, Switch, and Amiibo, classic systems, and some of their software...yes.

Looking through the comments, I doubt many watched the video =P

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

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ok anyone on vgchartz going to admit being in that video?