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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony=Apple?

OP has never used an apple product confirmed.

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I've loved Sony products since the Walkman.

The first game I've ever made was on an Apple IIe. It was a complete HyperCard game; rated M for excessively mature and way too violent.

Spindel said:
OP has never used an apple product confirmed.

Based on which statement?

Seeing as i used to own an iphone up untill nr. 6 with which i was quite pleased, havent touched a mac since yosemite *which is, damn also almost 3 years back*, you might have point for the most recent products but cant say i see any big improvements

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The PS3 would have cost about $1,500 for Apple. They don't like to lose money on their products.

Money can't buy happiness. Just video games, which make me happy.

kirby007 said:

The ps4 was a ps3.5

The ps5 will be a ps4 pro2

Consumers have largely ignored novel features on the PS platforms so why wouldn't Sony go with something they know works?

2000: PS2 backwards compatibility (with PS1)
2003: PlayStation EyeToy
2003: PSX
2004: Cross Play (Final Fantasy XI cross play between PS2 and PC)
2006: Remote Play (PS3 on PSP)
2006: Sixaxis
2006: PS3 backwards compatibility (with PS2 and PS1)
2008: PSP Cradle (PSP on TV)
2008: PlayStation Home
2008: PlayTV
2009: PSP Go
2009: Stereoscopic 3D gaming
2009: Invizimals (real world AR monster hunting)
2010: PlayStation Plus (on PS3)
2011: Xperia Play
2012: Cross Buy
2013: Remote Play (PS4 on PS Vita, PC, Mac, Mobile)
2013: PlayStation TV
2014: Share Play
2014: PlayStation Now
2016: PlayStation VR

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Eeeeeer no, not better than the Sony = Sony Mobile thread

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I'd say that the PlayStation brand *usually* doesn't release ridiculously overpriced products. 

Some other divisions are famous for being the most expensive brand in their class.