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Forums - Sony Discussion - Death Stranding Releasing November 8th - New Trailer Just Streamed

taus90 said:
2 minutes of silence for people who thought this game will take 5 years of development and will be released simultaneous for PS4 and PS5. Kojima made this game in 3 fricking years!!!

Now we know why Mark Cerny in that PS5 wired interview was silent when asked about Death Stranding release platfrom.

I thought it had to take at least 4 years. It taking only 3 actually worries me a bit. If this game is big like MGS5, then I will not understand how the hell Kojima made it this quickly. 

RE:  the trailer, I loved it! This got me hyped all over again. I’m relieved to see combat and guns in there. I think most of us were a bit concerned after their E3 2018 demo. 

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November 8th, 2020.
Can't believe Kojima is releasing this game so soon, it still looks experimental.

Just watched the trailer and I can only sum it up by saying "Wow" over and over... it was stunning, the character models look absolutely amazing and the animation on the facial expressions really push them into a whole new level for me :o It's nice we got to see more than just Sam walking around too, we saw combat multiple times, some more sneaking, a motorbike! Oh and the best part? We get a collapsible ladder in our inventory! :D I really have no idea where they're taking the story, but I'm very interested by it... and now that we have a release date, yup, I'm super hyped! It's close to my birthday too so I'll be buying myself an early present :P

I still don't understand what this game even is.

So as much as I trust Kojima after his decades of remarkable game making, I do have a fear that DS could be something less than stellar. I think it’s more of a paranoia. But either way, that November 8th release date exemplifies a hell of a large amount of confidence on Sony’s end for this game. November is reserved only for the biggest games in the world (e.g. CoD, Battlefield, RDR2). And if I recall correctly, Sony hasn’t released an exclusive game in November, or even October, this gen or last gen.

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Finally !

Ok Sony just won E3 without going to E3 and also by giving more confusing mind blowing trailer . Btw it's Youtube trending . Amazing

For at its basic core, it being MGS5, I'm a little disappointed. Why hide that for so long? Ironically, maybe that was the surprise?

Xxain said:
For at its basic core, it being MGS5, I'm a little disappointed. Why hide that for so long? Ironically, maybe that was the surprise?

I feel like you could have easily guessed that was the case from previous trailers and the fact that it uses the Horizon engine.

Either way, the gameplay loop is most likely not the same. DS looks more like traversal/ parcel management/ stealth for the real world, with stealth/ action for the upside-down realm. So the latter is probably more MGS with the former being something a little different.

Medisti said:
I still don't understand what this game even is.

My guess is:

Open world

Exploration: seems you can create tools and equipment to reach areas and places to find stuff

Melee fighting

Third person shooting

Stealth (the Metal Gear element right there when those humanoids, from what appears to be another dimension or time, show up and hunt the player character)

The story, well, just like other games and movies the trailer just teases the story but doesn't give everything away. Since this game seems to have an intriguing premise I guess we can have quite a bit of urgency to know what it is all about. :)

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