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Forums - Sony Discussion - Playing God of War. My thoughts so far.

Gosh, it looks so gorgeous. I hope I get to play it someday.

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Its a dynasty warriors in a pretty coat

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GOW visually was impressive from the start for me. The turtle house area I found a bit of a wow moment, and the Lake of Nine area a little more so, then World Tree, and then when I passed the pillars in Alfheim, I leaned forward on the couch and just stared. It's not the last impressive area you'll see.

Early in the game you don't get a lot of gear and hacksilver isn't as plentiful. Eventually you will get to a point where you will definitely notice it ramps up a bit, and it tends to pick up from there. I found buying gear wasn't all that useful early on anyway. Upgrading weapons and skills was more useful.

As you level up the purple enemies will become yellow then green if you wait long enough. Yellow makes for good fights and green is pretty easy.

You can go back to most area's when you finish the story, but there are a few area's you can't and there are some transition points from area to area that are blocked off as well. I tried to get everything on my first pass through and didn't miss much. I did miss a gold chest in Thamur's Corpse, which I couldn't go back and get after, but luckily once you finish the story you can go to a shop and purchase that item.

I've finished the main story. I'm not quite finished overall but fairly close. You're not even half way. A quarter, possibly, maybe not even that far. Hard to say exactly. If you're going to do everything then there's plenty more. The story no doubt get's better and deeper as you go, and if you know Norse mythology, it makes it even better.

Was my GotY, but whatever.

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Shiken said:
Was my GotY, but whatever.

Along with about every game award show, game site, gaming etc. Good call. Thumbsup

I agree btw, great game.


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Hey man, finally getting updated on the best game of the gen so far =]

Don't worry to much about equipment, you'll have several tiers to work on if you want, or you can be a knucklehead like me and play 60-80% of the game without ever upgrading your armor in the hardest setting where you need 12 hits to kill anything and die with 1 hit of anything =p

You are about 40% into the game from memory.

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Mh. If you dont enjoy it because of game mechanics/combat, why play the at all?

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Have you played the other games? Or do you at least know the history of them and the general story and personality of Kratos? Bc that is important in order to feel invested in the story.

I freakin hated Kratos prior to GoW 2018. I beat GoW 1, played a couple hours of GoW 2 before losing complete interest, and played most of GoW 3 but couldn’t be bothered to finish it. But the context I got from playing some of the prior games (and watching IGN’s “God of War in 5min”) is part of what made GoW 2018 so special. It’s my favorite game of all time, and Kratos is now one of my favorite characters of all time.

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Hiku said:

Yeah, I am mostly saving my resources, because I can get by with what I have, and so that I can spend them on worthwhile things later.
Weapon upgrade seem tied to story progression though? At least the Leviathan Axe that requites a Frozen Flame every time, I think.

I'm not sure what upgrading skills does exactly though? For example I have a cooldown skill that heals my HP a bit. I can upgrade it, but the description does not suggest that it's healing capabilities increase if I do. Only the accompanying stats. So I didn't try that yet.

Ya I think weapon and skill upgrades through flames were mostly if not always through story, since you're always running into the shops afterwards where you can use those items to have the blacksmiths oh so elegantly craft your upgrades.

The skills allow for different play styles. It changes or enhances the combat. If you think the combat is boring, acquiring skills will help with that. The more skills you acquire the deadlier you and the boy become and the more options you have. Don't forget about the boy. Making sure he has more better skills and that his armor and weapons are upgraded is more important than you might think. He can be much more helpful, but then again, that may not be your style and may not fit your combat tastes.

Hiku said:

Hmm, didn't expect that. I'll keep that in mind going forward, but maybe I'll find a balance between story and side quests, rather than just doing every single optional thing possible as soon as it becomes available.
I have 9 out 9 Apples, so maybe I maxed out my HP through that mechanic already (unless there is more), but not feeling like I made meaningful progress through the side quests made them less interesting last few times I played. But things like saving the dragon was interesting. And I understand there are a few more as well.

I tried to keep it balanced when I played. Some purple enemies are really tough fights but doable, but some like the one or two shots just aren't worth it so it's best to leave them be and move on to something more reasonable or advance through the story some more. Dragon saving is interesting, but there's one who's a unique encounter and I really enjoyed that portion.

Hiku said:

Alright, that's about what I expected.

Ya like with DonF mentioning 40%, I'd say your 40% at the most. I was figuring around 25% at the least, so say 30% to 40%, somewhere in there.