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Forums - Gaming Discussion - We Might See Sony buying New Studios Next Year

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What Studios you want Sony to acquire

Imsomniac 9 27.27%
Blue point 7 21.21%
From Software 6 18.18%
Kojima Production 8 24.24%
Platinum 0 0%
others (please mention on the comment ) 3 9.09%
twintail said:
Zoombael said:
Arrowhead Studios

The better HouseMarque.

At the very least I hope they are making a Helldivers 2, but 3rd person and 4 player split-screen local.

estebxx said:
From Soft would be awesome but Kojima Productions makes more sense

From won't happen though, Kadokawa aren't going to sell them off.

Kojima Productions maybe, but its a dev that is pretty much united around Kojima. Without him, what does the company actually offer? I think Sony are better off continuing contract work with them

Well obviously im talking about getting Kojima to be a part of Sonys first party.

And yeah the danger is that Kojima is still an individual and he could quit later on and the studio wouldnt be the same without him, but as long as Sony gives him full creative control (which is something ive read sony does a lot with their studios), i dont see why he would wanna quit especially when he would now have a big company behind them backing them up, giving them a big budget for their games all while giving them creative control.

EDIT: just realized that your argument can be made for From Soft as well (what would it be without Miyazaki?), and for every other studio, after all its the people behind the studio what really matters and anyone could quit later on, its the reason why talented studios of the past (like Rare or Bioware) arent as amazing as they used to be, since many talented people have moved on to other companies.

In other words its a risk thats always present regardless of what studio they would aquire, although i get your point that with Kojipro its a bit more risky since its just this one guy who has this amazing legacy in the industry and if he left it would be a big blow to the studio.

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It would be super fucked up if they bought platinum. I can understand devs that have strong ties to PlayStation like kojima and bluepoint but platinum the dev that's made more Nintendo exclusives this gen than multiplats no

Zoombael said:
Arrowhead Studios

The better HouseMarque.


@op.....From I suppose. Would be frickin' huge to lock up such an esteemed and consistent dev.

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Kojima Production

Coming from a recent interview, Platinum Games is like the least possible of those xD

Honestly, I prefer if they'd just want to growth their teams internally instead, kind of like Monolith Soft is doing right now by branching into different subsidiaries.

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None of them seems to make any sense ...

The first option wants to stay independent last I heard. With the second option, you could get the most out of just a partnership for outsourcing purposes. The third option is already owned by a publisher. The fourth option was independently reformed so no way to tell how well their first project will turn out before recognizing if their staff is talented. Out of them all, the last option seems to be the most viable since the studio could have potential to produce the blockbusters Sony needs ...

If Sony wanted an acquisition then it should be a whole publisher like Bandai Namco, Capcom, or Square Enix ...

Just saw Platinum there after others mentioned it. Ugh, no. It's a company with a long history of failures and some terrible creative direction. They're a much better developer when they're working under supervision on someone else's project. Leave them in their current niche. Well, unless they could get rid of Kamiya first somehow.

I don't see them considering more than a couple of Japanese studios, anyway. The west is their focus and it's where the most potential exists.

Sony needs to invest in bringing Wipeout back. The Omega Collection was just a port of thier older games.

ThatDreamcastTho said:
Sony needs to invest in bringing Wipeout back. The Omega Collection was just a port of thier older games.

Wipeout was great back in PS3 era . They need to do what they did to Medieval remake. Medieval Looks great from a new studio (Other ocean) If Medieval does good I believe Other Ocean should make a brand new game. Same can be said for SOTC.

Cute and honest Sega Saturn fan, also noone should buy Sega grrrr, Sega for life.

Insomniac and Kojima Productions would be cool, both have fantastic quality and love good details :)