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I'm quite surprised at the relatively quiet reception to this game on VGC. It stands toe-to-toe with some of the best AAA titles of this nature (and does so while also being nearly as visually impressive in all areas as them too)! However, we can cover graphics all day; the game itself is really where things shine!


"It’s first and foremost the story of Hugo and Amicia. It’s the collision between the innocence of two children and their relationship, and the rest of the world: a historically crude Middle-Age, made even more cruel by the rats and a quite special Inquisition" - Kevin Choteau, Game Director

I decided to keep this light, as the game really, really should be explored and discovered on its own. My opinion? It is up there with The Last Of Us (of course, falling just a bit shy of its production values). Still, Asobo Studio should not be scoffed at. They have the potential to really compete with the big boys!


Blends action and adventure phases. Survive against a great danger: supernatural swarms of rats that appeared with the great plague. - Focus Home

While not particularly revolutionary, I've not played a game quite like it. The blend of gameplay contextual, coupled with the storyline, are eerily reminiscent of The Last Of Us, but because it involves small kids (bringing a Last Guardian feel to it), the decisions you make will have to be considerate of that (a bit of a change from Ellie's role where she was nearly as capable of most things as Joel). 


A Plague Tale: Innocence, despite being from an AA team, sports some of the best visuals to date (easily competing with God of War, Resident Evil 2, and Uncharted 4). The Volumetric Lighting and SSR create some seriously good looking stuff (grass is probably as good as it's ever been and the way lighting and surfaces intertwine are only bested by Metro: Exodus) and I can't wait to see what they conjure up next!


A Plague Tale: Innocence is available on the PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Of course, if you have even a decent mid-ranged PC, I'd get it there, but the Pro and X do the game most of the justice it deserves!

Final thoughts - this game is a nice way forward in the genre. Think Team Ico, meets Santa Monica Studios, meets Naughty Dog (who welcomes the new guy) and A Plague Tale: Innocence is here. The Last Guardian, God of War, and Last Of Us inspirations are beaming here, but it is so well done that it tips its hat to them in a meaningful way!

PS. If you really don't think The Last Of Us: Part II can achieve the visuals promised - play A Plague. ;)


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This game looks truly spectacular. Really looks like one of the Sony first-party offerings, especially Last of Us and God of War (2018) in terms of exploration and the way the narrative is told through the two main characters.

I wish there were more AA games like this and Hellblade compared to the infinite amount of pixelated side-scroller games.

Personally though, I can't wait to play this game very soon in glorious stereoscopic 3D once a full fix is published on PC...

Yeah, feels like something one of Sony's studios (or Ninja Theory) would have produced.


How I wish for the AA side of the industry to come back in full force, so we can get games like this and Hellblade.

I'm actually starting to see these two AA games as being better looking visually than most "AAA" games like RAGE 2, BF1 etc.

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Chazore said:
How I wish for the AA side of the industry to come back in full force, so we can get games like this and Hellblade.

Well, Focus has been on the rise lately, so we may start seeing more of them.

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I finished it earlier, still imo the best game I've played this year, VA, presentation and gameplay where all on point.

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This was the first video I saw from the game:

As well as these two screenshots.

Looked very interesting, so I started looking into it more, and now I definitely want to play this game. I'm surprised a how good it looks visually.

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Hiku said:

- screens

Looked very interesting, so I started looking into it more, and now I definitely want to play this game. I'm surprised a how good it looks visually.

And those screenshots don't do it justice.


Yeah, those screenshots look pretty meh to me, and I didn't even think the game looked too great until I decided to check out some trailers and gameplay in 4k via YouTube on my tele... yeah, I only have a 1080p monitor so if I want to see higher quality videos and in HDR, I need to check them out on my tele instead lol :P but yeah, it does actually look really nice visually, especially considering the lower budget of the game (Of course, I don't know the budget of the game, but compared to Uncharted 4, Horizon: Zero Dawn, God of War etc... it's obviously much smaller).

I'm actually tempted to pick it up, although due to my enormous backlog as is I'm wanting to wait until it drops in price, about half price or so... or I finish more (Let's say... five?) games, whichever happens first (I can bet you any amount of money it's the first)

I just found out about this game yesterday, here, on VGC, from a CGI post, in a thread that I can't remember. Then Jim Sterling referenced it in his Rage 2 Jimpressions. Color me interested.

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