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Forums - General Discussion - Let's make saint seiya great in north america

I love Saint Seiya, but I'm from latin america too so here it was hugely popular

I ended up reading almost every manga there was out there since I didn't remember much from when I was little

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Probably for all eternity now anytime someone mentions something being "made great" I will resist and deny it the opportunity. Such is my distaste for the inauthenticity of the phrase. I'm sure a new phrase will begin to be bandied about that I will have to be vigilant against, but for now this coded phrase has earned my ire.

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Bofferbrauer2 said:
Peh said:
Wasn't there a Saint Seyia Anime some years ago? Don't think it was that great, though.

Pretty exactly 33 years ago, yeah. This got followed by an OVA 15 years ago, plus 6 animated movies (which are rather sub-par, imo).

Although, for english-speaking countries this all came much later, as they had to wait until 2003 to get anything translated.

@OP, do you only mean the original series, or also the spinoffs (The Lost Canvas, Episode G, Next dimension, Omega...)?

I guess I saw Omega.... not sure anymore. Not very familiar with this franchise. 

I'm more into Ghost in the Shell and waiting for the next series releasing on Netflix. 

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HollyGamer said:
I just want to see a continuation story after Saint Seiya Heaven Chapter - Overture and how Seiya defeat Zeus

The Heaven Chapter movie was canceled from the canon, and replaced by saint seiya - the next dimension

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