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How are you feeling about the next three years for Australia?

Pessimistic 1 14.29%
Optimistic 1 14.29%
Ecstatic 2 28.57%
In a constant state of disbelief 3 42.86%

Online voting is highly likely to happen because anyone can claim to be anyone online as is shown with scammer/cat fish committing fraud and identity thefts.

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It is unlikely a Labor government will take office for another 2 or 3 Federal elections. Huge defeat in Queensland the swing State that decides the election.
Alan Jones is right. I believe everything Alan Jones says he speaks teh truth. Jones claims that Carbon Dioxide only makes up 0.04% of the gases in the atmosphere, humans only contribute 3% of carbon dioxide and Australia only contributes 1.3% of the carbon emissions.

Why would you implement a huge tax on your economy that will do nothing to change climate change if it is caused by humans.
I am a climate change denier and I worship Alan Jones and Andrew Bolt. They speak the truth and they are far more qualified and informed than most climate change believers.