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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - First Look At Mortal Kombat 11 Running on Nintendo Switch... but it's only 3 seconds

It's Better than nothing ¯_(ツ)_/¯


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No one:

Digital Foundry:

Based on the 3 second footage, the game appears to use temporal anti-aliasing, running at a dynamic resolution, and has a stable 60 frames per second, with a few occasional dips.

It's hard to judge , it's look like a fanmade edited version or an insert video . Also even if it's real we don't know if it's a opening CG or in game footage. Also it's look like a brighter and better anti aliased of Mortal kombat X on last gen console graphic.

Good, now we know the Switch can run videos.

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It might be projected on the Switch screen for advertising, and not running off of the Switch itself, just like the original Switch reveal trailer. With that in mind, that could be 3 seconds of any other version for all we know.

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For all we know it couldve just been the Switch's Youtube app playing MK11 videos lol

so thats still 180 frames of footage

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Switch probably can't run it longer than 3 seconds. Oh snap!

Switch users don't care about the quality of ports, do you really think that this place of all will ever criticise something related to that system?