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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I Want to Buy a Switch! Waiting on Potential New Hardware Announcements.

I think they'll offer a very slightly improved version that will be used to justify forestalling any price cut, and a trimmed down version no-one will really want.

Hopefully all announced at or sufficiently leaked by E3.

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NightlyPoe said:
dharh said:

I only want like 3 games max atm (I only play RPGs and 4x mostly). It'd be a waste of money.

Okay, but what does it be portable have to do with that?

First the hope is that a non-portable version would be cheaper.  A console is only worth it to me if the total cost of games is more than the total cost of the console.  $299.99 is a steep hill to climb.  If I splurged recklessly I could maybe get to 199.99 in games that i'd play.

Secondly I hate paying for features I will never use.

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I'd say you can wait until E3, if they really have a new model they will surely announce it there.

Just wait for the end of April. The 25th to be precise.
It's the date of Nintendos FY report and if a new SKUs exists it will for sure be mentioned there.

But I expect them to only present/talk about the cheaper version.

I had the same idea to wait over a year ago. I am glad that I did not wait and bought a Switch when I wanted one.
After all I want to play it now and not wait until Nintendo decides to launch a new modell.