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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Pro and Cons of Google Stadia and early analysis and opinion from Digital Foundry +GDC tech Talk

We got a podcast and opinion from all digital foundry crew regarding Stadia , Reaction, in deep analysis, their opinion , their assessment.

From all the thing i heard , most of them think the early analysis are not fair because it using Google connection. Also the problem of lag even on perfect condition is still too big and not include all variable connection from time to time, different ISP , different country etc. 

From Picture quality also it's really suffering, a lot of artifact, compression and look ugly .

Regarding on how they will utilize multiple stack of GPU and CPU is still unclear but it will not the same as SLI or crossfire.

They say the local experience on gaming  will not go away and cannot be compared to Video and Music streaming that replacing DVD, Blu Ray and CD music. Because Gaming it's far complicated than that.

One thing is benefit from this is the how easy people to jump and play the game without waiting to download but then again that also can be utilize to help enhanced local gaming by incorporate streaming and local gaming, for example people can play the games on streaming while waiting on downloading or installing the games.   

Also it's also benefit on multiplayer and always online games

Nevertheless it seem it will just be another renting service that will not replacing or stop people from buying their own games. 

Digital Foundry also talk about Ray Tracing on non Turing GPu and AMD Ray Tracing and new technic on Ray Tracing beside Cone Tracing .

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Apple too?

jenpol said:
Apple too?

Heh, well that is news.   Guess I'll have to wait until tomorrow to see what they cooked up.

Between Google, Microsoft and now Apple announcing these streaming services, this really reinforces how few secrets these tech companies have from each other.  My real question would be: which company actually started working on this system first and which companies are just trying to follow along "just in case"?  My guess is that Google's is the real deal and the other two are competing out of fear.  However, I guess I'll have to see Apple's presentation before I know for sure.  I need to know if their service seems further along in development or if Google's is further along.  (Microsoft is behind Google.  That is for sure.)

I have been trying geforce now several times this last week since all this talk about streaming and the experience is still bad. Now latency is no issue at all which everyone is talking about but I get pretty much perfect scores, 10-18ms ping to server, 0,0 packet loss and 250/250mbit speed. The games I tried were Batman arkham city, Rise of the tomb raider, world of warcraft and Doom.

The game that ran best was Rise of the tomb raider, the aim felt good, no latency, image quality was a bit worse than normal 1080p, movement felt a bit sluggish not sure if this was the game or streaming. I tried this game just for a few minutes so might not be perfect accurate.

Batman arkham city I just tried again and it just runs okey. Often it just doesn't feel like 60fps at all. It's like you playing with V-sync on and frame-rate is running between 30-40fps. When I got to the church with harley quinn than it felt perfect like smooth 60fps. But as soon as I was outside again it's like running with v-sync on with frames between 30-40fps.

Doom is similiar problem as batman arkham city it just doesen't feel smooth and the aim feel floaty and same with movement. I have completed basically about 8 missions on different days and times, sometimes the experience is awful and sometimes it's okey. I have tried turning v-sync off and on ingame and in geforce now setting it's all the same, maybe turning on v-sync in geforce now on gave a slightly better experience.

World of warcraft was the game that ran the worst, despite the ingame frame-rate monitor showing the game running at 100fps it's still the same problem as Doom and Arkham city, it feels like you playing with v-sync on with 30-40 fps, it just feel sluggish, I tried it today and yesterday. Also the image quality was really bad too.

All test was with mouse + keyboard, I guess with controller the experience would probably be better, my experience is similiar to what this dude is describing here about google stadia:

That is why I say streaming is a waste of time, a geforce 1050 ti would give a better experience despite Geforce NOW has a powerful cpu and gpu equal to geforce 1080. Unless Google can solve this wierd issue I don't see streaming taking off but it seems google stadia have the same issue but much worse.

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What what point do they start talking about Stadia? I don't want to sit through a 40 minute video.