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We got a podcast and opinion from all digital foundry crew regarding Stadia , Reaction, in deep analysis, their opinion , their assessment.

From all the thing i heard , most of them think the early analysis are not fair because it using Google connection. Also the problem of lag even on perfect condition is still too big and not include all variable connection from time to time, different ISP , different country etc. 

From Picture quality also it's really suffering, a lot of artifact, compression and look ugly .

Regarding on how they will utilize multiple stack of GPU and CPU is still unclear but it will not the same as SLI or crossfire.

They say the local experience on gaming  will not go away and cannot be compared to Video and Music streaming that replacing DVD, Blu Ray and CD music. Because Gaming it's far complicated than that.

One thing is benefit from this is the how easy people to jump and play the game without waiting to download but then again that also can be utilize to help enhanced local gaming by incorporate streaming and local gaming, for example people can play the games on streaming while waiting on downloading or installing the games.   

Also it's also benefit on multiplayer and always online games

Nevertheless it seem it will just be another renting service that will not replacing or stop people from buying their own games. 

Digital Foundry also talk about Ray Tracing on non Turing GPu and AMD Ray Tracing and new technic on Ray Tracing beside Cone Tracing .