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Forums - Sony Discussion - Pre-orders for "Death Stranding" are open on amazon

What took them so long? In my experience game shops usually put games up for pre-order the day they're announced!

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Day 1 for me :)

ps4 and ps5 game


I'll wait to see something more than walking before considering this game.

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I have my reservations when it comes to pre-ordering. If it's not to reserve a collector's edition copy for yourself, then pre-ordering is unnecessary and limits your options. I've spent many years living in a small town, and many years living near a major city, and I've never been unable to buy a game due to it selling out on launch day. Yet game stores will try and convince you that you might not be able to find a copy if you don't pre-order/reserve.

Anyways, sorry for the rant. I know the point of this thread was more so on discussing it's potential release date.


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Still hyped but would never preorder a game.