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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Super Mario Maker 2 announced for Switch! launches in June!

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Any word on Fishin' Boo?

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PAOerfulone said:
And for everyone who was wondering what the Switch's big Summer 2019 game was going to be: Here ya go!!

Well, it's gonna have to share that distinction with Fire Emblem since that one got delayed (instead ready for Goldenweek, it's now coming in time for Obon week)

At news: hope they'll add some SMB2 gameplay, though that might get a bit more difficult due to jumping on ennemies doesn't work here.

3d world adds nice features to game. It was the theme I was hoping to be added. Great
But they still need to show more features.

Luigi on box indicates multiplayer?
Moving water and stages vertically indicates also bigger vertical area?
All the social integration of smm will be compatible with smm2? (including keeping the likes, complete rate, comments, records?)...

Strange it is too close from nsmbu. Also, one less 10M contender for 2020 and beyond. With pokemon e AC also in 2019, they really concentrated their 10+ million games on the beginning of the console life.

Good that Switch has strong game in 1H of year.

It's actually one of the few franchises in the Mario catalog that I'm not fond of ... but I'm glad for the others :)

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That trailer hit me hard, that bit of the piano of Mario overworld that makes a transition into 3D World, that was some Kirby feels.

Looking good. Hope we can save loads of levels people create locally so we can play them offline when traveling.