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Would you have bought one? I know it doesn't sound a lot know but if they'd have done a revision mid ps3 gen, and did a ps3 with 1 gb of RAM AND 512MB of vram I believe it would have been a beast of a console  heck if they launched one now I'd probably buy it if it upscaled some of the games and ran the xmb smoother as I still use it a lot now 

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Wasn't that just the base PS4 for about a year and a half?

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well, mid gen upgrades would be an absolute killer app for last gens.

I don't know. Probably. I thought last gen was good enough and wasn't even hyped for the PS4 and Xbox One when they launched. I did own a few Xbox 360 (20gb Falcon, 60gb Jasper, and 250gb S) and PS3 (80gb phat and a Super Slim) models so I probably would have upgraded.

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PS3 was a beast when it came out, it didn't need mid gen refresh.

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Maybe. Though, given how expensive the PS3 was to make, I doubt if they could have launched one mid-gen for less than $499. I just hope they can get the PS5 to play PS3 games, hopefully while also upping the games native output resolution and adding extra AA. That would be all the PS3 Pro I need.

PS3 OS could use a big boost, it's so painfully slow. The xmb is wonderful though and I miss the glass door icons. I still have a ton of videos on it all playing their little previews when scrolling through them.

Yes, because it's the right thing to do.

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Kutaragi was actually planning an enthusiast level PS3. Unfortunately it never came to light.

"In his new capacity as chairman and group CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutaragi spoke with Japan's Impress about, what he calls, an AV-centric PlayStation 3. This device, powered by the very capable Cell processor, would "be a standard AV component sized box with a more powerful power supply unit, anti-shake insulator, twice the main memory""

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I feel it would have ultimately been detrimental.
The main issue with the PS3 was not a lack of power, but how byzantine the architecture was to develop for, and a more powerful model would not have helped things.

An easier to develop for model might have helped, but that's still asking developers to program an "easy PS3" and "bastard hard PS3" version of any given game, which is just unrealistic. After all development costs for the cell were already high enough before asking devs to put in extra work on top.

The reason why the PS4 Pro gets supported is the easier x86.