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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Nintendo Online Substriction Service now has over 8 million subscribers

"In last September, we launched Nintendo Switch Online, a paid service that expands the online functionality of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch Online has had a good start, with the number of subscribers surpassing 8 million accounts not including free trials. In keeping with our goal of providing Nintendo Switch owners with “More Games. More Features. More Fun,” we are working on continuing to expand the service offerings."

We can clearly see why Nintendo created this service, already has a huge base that will only continue to grow. I just hope they finally get there act together with adding games and consoles to the new VC a lot faster. They also desperately need some sort of on system messaging system and dedicated servers. But a great start for this service so far, I just wish online was still free :(


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Ok that's encouraging for future improvements if Nintendo want to expand that number to make even more $$$

That around 25% of Switch owners. Not bad.

I wonder if this includes each member of family groups separately, as those must count for a good portion of the online player base. If it doesn't, impressive numbers.

A shame the service is so terrible.

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I have it for a year. It is good to hear that the attach rate is about 25%. If they can improve the service and offer me SNES games before next year I will buy another year. If not, I cannot promise that I will buy another subscription.

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Yeah and due to that, Nintendo's revenue for that division doubled.