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"Rather than DeNA, Nintendo is partnering with LINE on the app. The two sides “will co-develop and jointly operate” Dr. Mario World."

"KYOTO, Japan, Feb. 1, 2019 JST – Nintendo Co., Ltd. (HQ: Minami-Ku, Kyoto, Representative Director and President: Shuntaro Furukawa, hereinafter referred as “Nintendo”) and LINE Corporation (HQ: Shinjuku-Ku, Tokyo, President: Takeshi Idezawa, hereinafter referred as “LINE”) have announced a partnership in the mobile game business. The companies will co-develop and jointly operate a new game for smart devices."


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Good news for people who need their daily meds.

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I don't play mobile games, but when I do it'll be Dr. Mario World.

Cool, now I know what I'll be playing during my classes next year.

Dr. Mario is my most played NES Online game and Tetris is by far my most played mobile game, for some reason I find this type of gameplay very addictive.

I hope it expands on the Dr. Mario gameplay. :)

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That's a good choice for a mobile centric game.

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Mar1217 said:
That's a good choice for a mobile centric game.

Some older Nintendo games would work great on mobile. :)

Puzzle mobile game section is very saturated already with a ton of high quality games. I know this game has the Mario title to get people to download it, but it will need something unique or addictive for Nintendo to stand out from its competitors in this section. I'll certainly download it and give it a try, hopefully it has online play.


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nice one. unexpected.


I'm supporting it!

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