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When will we see the next Nintendo Direct

In January...there's still time! 2 3.92%
February 1st-7th 12 23.53%
February 8th-14th 16 31.37%
February 15th-21st 5 9.80%
February 22nd-28th 0 0.00%
March 8 15.69%
April 0 0.00%
May 0 0.00%
E3 1 1.96%
Hopefully soon so we can ... 7 13.73%

I feel like a failure and I do not know how I can go on living after Devil May Cry 5 and Sekiro launch without Nintendo releases. My life is in your hand Reggea and you are responsible for getting a direct out asap. If this does not happen before the 15th I am predicting an absolute collapse of Nintendo's internal infrastructure, and a cliff-fall of Switch sales.

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I still think late March, around GDC time. I also don't think Nintendo Directs have much to do with sales. They had tons of Directs during the Wii U era and hardly anyone bought anything. They have had FAR fewer Directs with the Switch and sales have been monstrous.

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February 29th

At least my prediction will end being right if the leak is true. I really hope its next week, I can't wait any longer.


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I really want it to be next week at this point, but if it weren't to show up there. I won't expect an actual one before March.

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I want a direct ASAP, but I don't want a Pikmin 3 port (if it's part of a trilogy, with 1+2, then I'd be all over it), as that just pushes 4 further back, and it sold well on the U already. This guy seems trustworthy, but I don't know.

I'm hoping for this coming week but put down the week after in hopes that it happens in February at all...x.x

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Direct for 13. next week sound like quite strong rumor,
espacily with track record of King Zell leaks, he just few weeks ago said we are getting Nindies Direct next week and he was right.