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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Doom and the power of purity and confidence

Yep, amazing game. Classic gameplay done right, with visual and sound design to perfectly compliment the experience.

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There is so much wrong with the OP.

You don't have a PS4, Xbox One and PC and hence have barely any taste of modern FPS games and you make the sweeping generalisations which only people who follow games but don't play them make.

Titanfall 2 is a superior shooter to Doom, its confident in its design and has incredible variety which Doom lacks. The campaign in Titanfall 2 is a masterpiece while Doom is just good. You don't need to adhere to one gameplay style the entire game, and should break up the pace with something different. This is where Doom is lacking. Titanfall 2 does it wonderfully, and the gameplay systems are just as solid which makes it a phenomenal game.

I have seen you post on other topics that PS4 and Xbox One don't interest you, because you don't want cinematic games, yet you completely ignore these non cinematic games. If Doom hadn't come to Switch, you'd have missed in your own words a fantastic game. Expand your horizons and get a PS4 and Xbox One, you don't know what you've missed. Even cinematic games like God of War have fantastic gameplay, and there are a ton of fantastic gameplay oriented games.

I didn't mention other FPS games because I don't like multiplayer FPS games, but if you do, there are probably a lot more games in the genre there which you would appreciate if only you had a platform which supports it.

Metallox said:
VAMatt said:
I agree with the OP. But, you could have boiled it down to this - Doom 2016 was a great game, because they managed to make it feel just like Doom.

For the most part but the game is also filled with modern trends. Not only that, but it also doesn't support traditional mods, another substantial part of DOOM's DNA. 

That being said, even with those drawbacks, DOOM 2016 would be my wife if it was a woman. 

Yes. It is not an exact copy, or a remake of the original game. But, gameplay *feels* exactly the way Doom is supposed to.

It would be interesting to compare opinions of the 2016 Doom from people that played Doom back in the 90s with those of people that did not play it back then. I get the feeling that people that were into Doom 25 years ago have generally more favorable opinions of the new one.