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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Final Fantasy XIV brings a familiar friend back to Ivalice (Spoilers)

Thought I was done eh? There is even more..


This is half of the world map of FF14, and with the help of Fran, she is showing us a little bit more about what happened to Ivalice. So far it's established that Dalmasca was split in two after its fall, with Lea Monde (a location in Vagrant Story) being the capital of Dalmasca Inferior located on the coast, Valnain. If anything happened to it, it would be very recent.

Also the location of where Fran is pointing at is the Orbonne Monastery.



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Is this one of the ones coming to Switch?

Dulfite said:
Is this one of the ones coming to Switch?

I don't know if FF14 is going on Switch. it's on ps4, pc, and mac.

Im pretty sure we gona get an expansion set on Ivalice, maybe after Shadowbringers since that one will see us going to the Garlean Empire it seens. Or maybe Ivalice will be in it kinda like Doma was  in Stormblood alongside Ala Migho.

Without a doubt the best MMORPG currently on the market.

Its crazy how badly I hated FF14 when it first released (compaired to FF11) and then it just got rebooted, and its been improved on since.
Now its to the point where I legit think its the best MMORPG on the market.