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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Ultimate Pokemon Competition Gen 7 Edition Round 1 - Match 6

Approved by Cycycychris

Welcome everyone to a new uran10 pokemon competition, which is pretty much a rehash of an old competition only with some new pokemon! This tournament will feature all 827 pokemon (alolan forms are counted as their own) and will crown who is VGC's favourite pokemon of the first 7 generations of pokemon. In Round 1 there will be 25 matches, 23 matches will feature 33 pokemon while the first 2 matches will feature 34. 19 of these Pokemon will advance to the 2nd round and the 20th and 21st place will be given a 2nd chance in a special bonus round.

Even though there are 33 Pokemon per round you are only voting for the 10 you think should advance like in the example below:

10p Wartortle

9p Squirtle

8p cyndaquil

7p chimchar

6p turtwig

5p poliwag

4p caterpie

3p Pikachu

2p Ledyba

1p Pichu

Tie Breaker Results:

Marshadow and Tirtouga 3 points

Since they tied... again. I decided to run the random generator 5 times with tirtouga getting the numbers 1-50 and marshadow getting 51-100, The first to get 3 of their numbers would advance. The numbers rolled were 42, 61, 14, 21 and 62

That means Tirtouga Advances 3 - 2 over Marshadow who has a 2nd chance in the bonus round.

Match 5 Results:

1) Arcanine 43 points

2) Lugia 36 points

3) Milotic and Raichu 29 points

5) Espeon and Eevee 24 points

7) Dedenne 20 points

8) Riolu 19 points

9) Celebi 17 points

10) Pyroar 16 points

11) Rhydon 15 Points

12) Tyrunt 13 Points

13) Chesnaut 12 Points

14) Jirachi 10 Points

15) Leavanny 9 points

16)  Silvally 4 Points

17) Fraxure and Snubbull 3 points

19) Charajabug 2 points

20) Throh and Bannette 1 point

22) Everyone else got 0.... sucks to be them


The next 33 Pokemon in round 1 are

#728 Popplio 

#131 Lapras

#384 Rayquaza

#127 Pinsir

#760 Bewear

#9 Blastoise

#767 Wimpod

#77 Ponyta

#344 Claydol

#252 Treecko

#569 Garbodor

#514 Simisear

#136 Flareon

#268 Cascoon

#280 Ralts

#529 Drillbur

#22 Fearow

#163 Hoothoot

#116 Horsea

#795 Pheromosa

#725 Litten

#746 Wishiwashi

#149 Dragonite

#178 Xatu

#674 Pancham

#653 Fennekin

#64 Kadabra

#721 Volcanion

#54 Psyduck

#326 Grumpig

#416 Vespiquen

#603 Eelektrik

#665 Spewpa

Remember you are only voting for 10 of the above 33 pokemon you want to advance

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10p Blastoise
9p Dragonite
8p Rayquaza
7p Treecko
6p Lapras
5p Popplio
4p Flareon
3p Kadabra
2p Ralts
1p Fearow

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Hey if that ain't a great bunch of my fav Gen 3 Pokémon :D

10p Rayquaza
9p Treecko
8p Lapras
7p Litten
6p Kadabra
5p Dragonite
4p Psyduck
3p Xatu
2p Blastoise
1p Claydol

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10p Claydol
9p Treecko
8p Flareon
7p Xatu
6p Lapras
5p Vespiquen
4p Pancham
3p Ralts
2p Popplio
1p Wimpod

10p Blastoise
9p Rayquaza
8p Lapras
7p Volcanion
6p Flareon
5p Treecko
4p Kadabra
3p Pancham
2p Litten
1p Psyduck

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10p Lapras
9p Rayquaza
8p Dragonite
7p Treecko
6p Pancham
5p Drillbur
4p Kadabra
3p Blastoise
2p Flareon
1p Pinsir

10p Fennekin
9p Horsea
8p Litten
7p Lapras
6p Flareon
5p Blastoise
4p Ralts
3p Psyduck
2p Popplio
1p Dragonite



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Oh wow, these lists are massive

10p Flareon
9p Ralts
8p Ponyta
7p Lapras
6p Dragonite
5p Horsea
4p Blastoise
3p Rayquaza
2p Fennekin
1p Treecko

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10p Rayquaza
9p Dragonite
8p Blastoise
7p Treecko
6p Eelektrik
5p Pancham
4p Lapras
3p Pinsir
2p Ralts
1p Horsea