Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Which of the MS-purchased studios do you think will be shut down?

I hope none. But possibly one that can't make GAAS game and end up not making critical acclaimed or high selling game.

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Obsidian, Unfortunetly. I just can't see them making a game that will sell well on Xbox or pull any meaningful ammount of new users in. Probably not shut down but broken down in stages with departures along the way.


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It might be difficult to do something in the Xbox ecosystem where you don't need another shooter or racer to be successful. Of course, we got the Ori and the Blind Forest success story but I hope that leads to more.

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I think that would be compulsion.

edit: I cant believe someone said playground, which is MS’s best studio by far.

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flashfire926 said:

I think that would be compulsion.

edit: I cant believe someone said playground, which is MS’s best studio by far.

He was joking

Playground Games has a huge future ahead of them. The most interesting MS studio imo.

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I would say Compulsion is the most at risk. But let's be honest, MS isn't closing any of these anytime soon, it would take multiple games in a row that underperform from any of these studios for MS to close them.

If im not mistaken, ninja has not made many if any multyplayer games, that kind of dev will flop hard on the xbox ecosystem. I think it could end up being another scalebound event where MS trys to hard to push multyplayer and ninja refuses or strugles and down they go.

PS. Are we limeted to pick only one future shutdown? Cuz is MS they could shut down them all.

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none anytime soon so this topic sucks (yes I know I entered said topic for captain obvious)

Because of recent events, likely Rare. -_-

CaptainExplosion said:
Because of recent events, likely Rare. -_-

What recent event is that? Sea of Thieves did exceptionally well, surpassing 5m total players in the first 4 months. Sure it didn't review that well, but as long as it is selling, I doubt MS cares all that much about the reviews. We're probably looking at 2m sales or more in those first 4 months, with the remaining being game pass players and people who played the game via family sharing or rented it. Most likely over 6m players by now, since the 5m announcement was 4 months ago. 

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