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Forums - Sony Discussion - Dissidia Final Fantasy NT free-to-play version launches November 22

A free to play version will be available for download on the Playstation Network Store in Japan on November 22.

Here is an overview:

  • The characters that can be used in the free-to-play will switch out at fixed intervals.
  • This is a free-to-play title that specializes in battles. Story Mode is not playable, and the specifications of some game modes are also different from the full version.
  • The free-to-play version can battle with other users of the free-to-play version, as well as users of the full version.
  • Save data from the free-to-play version can be carried over to the full version.
  • Some data from the arcade version can be carried over to the free-to-play version. (Only usable for content with lifted restrictions.)

Playable characters can be purchased individually for unlimited use in their “Basic Set” for 800 yen. Additionally, that character’s “2nd Form Set” and “4th Weapon, EX Weapon” can be purchased for an additional 300 yen and 100 yen, respectively. The 4th Weapon and EX Weapon can also be equipped to free-to-play characters during their usage period, if the character is compatible with said weapon.

Sounds similar to Killer Instinct's model.
I will definitely download this and try it out again.

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Not designing this game with a fully playable storymode in mind was a huge mistake. While the mechanics are technically of a "Fighter", the game was made popular with it's verse campaign of content. They thought they were going to MOBA this game and just cash in. The roster is still pathetic with big characters missing for no other reason but to nickel and dime us with DLC




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John2290 said:
Just Japan?

No mention of any other region for now, it seems. Not sure if it'll stay that way or if there will be an international version as well.