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Forums - Movies Discussion - Do you watch foreign films?


Do you watch foreign films?

Yes 43 91.49%
No 4 8.51%

Yes, but not as many I used to.
Usually its french cinema.

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Very few though I should watch more.

Invisible Target is my favorite  - saw it while in India few years back.


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its kind of a univeral truth that the further away you get from Hollywood, the worse film production gets. of course there are some exceptions, but for the vast majority, thats just the way it is

Foreign horror films are usually better in my opinion. I love Train To Busan and think it to be the best horror film I’ve seen in a decade. On the other hand Netflix just added “Sabrina” and I find it to be absolutely horrible! Also, foreign action films are great. But I cannot, EVER watch foreign romance films. They’re completely nauseating! Especially Love, Actually!


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