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Forums - Sony Discussion - 2 Castlevania rated for PS4 in Korea.

I love SOTN, but I don't know if I want to purchase it again.

I may if they remaster it with slightly updated visuals.

Konami should release several collections.

Include about 5 games per collection.

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would be nice to see a remaster of super castlevania IV

Don't get too excited, guys, anyone remember THIS shitshow?:

Only Konami can fuck up the easiest job in the world in porting 2 classic SH games in flying colors.

It would be weird and unfortunate if these two Castlevania games do not come to Switch and Xbox, especially since Smash Bros. Ultimate happened. Of course, things might've been in development prior to Ritcher and Simon getting announced as fighters for Smash Bros., but it would blow.

ZODIARKrebirth said:
would be nice to see a remaster of super castlevania IV

mind blown....


your right, absolutely right!


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Will this be somewhat remastered? If this(SotN) will look great on a FullHD screen, I might double dip, if not, here's hoping they release this on the Switch as well.


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I would be so happy.

It seems that Castlevania Collection rumor is true.


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So only PS4?