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Forums - Gaming Discussion - FIFA 18 Has sold 24 Million Units.

melbye said:
Darwinianevolution said:
Dammit, it's because shit like this that EA is untouchable by controversy, no matter how much consumer backlash they receive. Why do people buy this games yearly?

My guess is that the majoriy of people who buy FIFA are casual gamers who don't pay attention to the industry itself. Wouldn't be surprised if FIFA is all they play

There’s plenty of hardcore people who don’t keep up with the gaming news and controversies. Some hardcore gamers just want to play games.

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FIFA18 on the Switch was actually my first soccer game, but I do get NHL every few years, and already have NHL 19 pre-ordered. Yes I know about the controversy. Yes, I hate the microtransaction shit. Yes, I enjoy the games. Even FUT/HUT. I just don't pay extra for them. I'll happily earn my coins the hard way because playing the game is the point of owning the game.

Nautilus said:
FIFA is a monster of a franchise.Actually, you can simply say that football is just too damn popular.

Football is just so damn popular, that's all.

I mean football/soccer is the most popular sport on the planet ... what did ya expect ? Just sad to see the consummers go along with all the bullshit EA is putting into the games + the yearly release factor.

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I am playing FIFA from FIFA 95 and I can say that after FIFA 2013 (which was a huge upgrade to FIFA 2012) all updates became meaningless and worthless but still football is the most popular sport in the world, and people would buy FIFA even for roster update only.

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Actually I don't buy them yearly, but I own almost always one for each console. Fifa 14 on Xone, Fifa 18 on Switch, Fifa 17 on Ps4 etc.
It's just the go to game and in my oppinion a mandatory title at least for all European gamers.

Nice, FifaMasterRace !!! :)
And in 3 weeks its time for a Fifa 19 #Hype

topolino227 said:
Nice, FifaMasterRace !!! :)
And in 3 weeks its time for a Fifa 19 #Hype

Eight days for NHL19 Hype!

I just wish NHL sold enough to warrant at least half the resources they put into Madden and FIFA.