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Forums - Sales Discussion - August NPD 2018 predictions thread


which console gonna win the month

Switch 12 66.67%
PS4 6 33.33%
XB1 0 0%

I haven't made a prediction in a long time. Just for the fun of it I will :)
NSW: 215K
PS4: 195K
XB1: 167K

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[NSW] 230K
[PS4] 205K
[XB1] 165K

Last edited by Miyamotoo - on 04 September 2018

AngryLittleAlchemist said:

Shadow1980 said:
August is usually fairly flat from July barring anything unusual, so I'm gonna go with:

Switch: 260K
PS4: 180K
XBO: 150K

Curious, why do you have Switch so high?

As I explain in my post, on average August is about flat from July. So, I simply took July's results and rounded down to the nearest ten.

chakkra said:

[PS4] 210K

[NSW] 200K

[XB1] 165K

Well, at least I was close on the X1 lol