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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Take-Two says its Switch games have been successful, more products in the future

Vini256 said:
Smartie900 said:
I'd like a remaster of Bully: Scholarship Edition with extra classes, better graphics, smoother framerate, etc. You could release it across all platforms including the Switch and help set up an eventual sequel. Some sort of Max Payne collection along with a revival of the Midnight Club series would also be nice.

Scholarship Edition was already a remaster of the original, but honestly this is exactly what I'd want from Rockstar on the Switch since I never cared for their other franchises much. Would be great if they could make it 60fps too, since Bully isn't 60 even on PC (There are mods for that but they break stuff in the game). Also agree with Bully 2, it's time.

They released Bully on iOS devices a couple of years ago, so there's still hope for Bully 2. The only other thing that I can think of that's somewhat similar to it is Persona. Hopefully Bully 2 along with that PS3 exclusive game they were working on eventually come out.



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Civilization and XCOM are best to play on Switch using touch screens, although i can play it now on iOS. And GTA V is a good choices, i bet the graphic will be more like 7th gen GTA V but probably if Switch has a revision for longer batteries i will buy it.

I'm guessing they're pretending WWE 2k18 doesn't exist then? Can't blame them, that's what everybody else does...

GTAV would easily sell 2 M minimum.
Common, is a ps360 game, LA noire is already on switch. Just do it.