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Forums - Sony Discussion - PS4: When Will The Last Of Us Part 2 Release?

Probably mid to late 2019, anyway is it me or does the grown up ellie character look like kevin spacey lol.

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KLXVER said:
I think it will be a PS5 launch title.

At this point, I was going to ask if they shouldn't just hold off releasing this until. If PS5 comes out in 2020, I'd say wait to buy it anyways, guess we'll see.

I'm leaning 2020. Spiderman was over a year away when they announced it for 2018, as was God of War. If it was going to be 2019, I bet they would have said that.

What's going on? Every time I try to get into the TLOU2 animation tech thread, I get a warning 'deceptive site ahead'. It only does it in that thread.


The PS5 Exists. 

March 2020

End of 2016 prediction