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Forums - Sony Discussion - The Last of Us: Part II - E3 2018 Discussion

At last, we have gameplay for Naughty Dog's highly anticipated title.

Started off a bit familiar, but the more that unfolded, the more amazing it became. Melee combat seems the most improved with useful dodges, reactive enemies, and nasty combos. AI could also be a big leap if this all remains intact in the final game, with impressive contextual interactions and convincing behaviors. Presentation is obviously gorgeous with rich foliage and sophisticated lighting and animation. Then there's all the little things in Naughty Dog's attention to detail; the continuity in your equipment and ammo, physically grabbing a bundle of loose arrows off the floor, pulling one out of a corpse or your bloody shoulder, the viscera of a nasty kill, knocking against and being thrown around the environment in a desperate brawl. Of particular note is the quality of facial animation on every character even during normal gameplay (pause the video in a fight and note all the expressions), which again I hope will be representative of the final game. Damn fine stuff.

What did you guys think? Anything in particular you appreciate or are concerned about? Story speculation? Nice images, gifs, or information to share? Cheers.