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Forums - Gaming Discussion - isn't dark souls basically what a 3d castlevania ideally is?

I think Bloodborne is the closest thing to a good 3D Castlevania we've ever seen. The official ones sucked so much ass... I can't even stomach looking at them. Castlevania is only great when done in 2D and I hope they stick to that formula going forward. The GBA trilogy is fucking amazing!

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Bloodborne is basically a 3d Castlevania. Like I feel like if someone slapped a Castlevania logo on the cover and made the final boss Dracula no one would question it

How dare you put castlevania and a game which is only a ultra hardcore hard mode, in one sentence. Dark souls creators are the laziest creators of all time. They took a small game and turned the difficulty extremely high. Thats the formulla. The ai is not smart at all. If you would have take the difficult lvl out, you would be finished in 4 mins with the whole game. It is so tiny the world. Its not art to just turn on the difficulty. Not at all. Castlevania is and was ART and is timeless. Dark souls remaster is out because it was not timeless at all. Stop to compare that lazy made game to everything.

Yeah, when I was playing bloodborne with the whip weapon. I was like 'this is some Castlevania sh*t'


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I've seen people say this before but as a huge Castlevania fan I don't see it at all.

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Yes, that's why I've been saying for a while that FROM Software should make a new Castlevania.

Dark Souls has always reminded me of Dungeons and Dragons, 1st edition. Everything is trying to kill you, but you can approach the challenges how you like: fighting, magic, backstabs, etc.... If it is like any video game, then it would be NES Zelda, except Dark Souls is more like fantasy horror instead of pure fantasy. But really I'd say it is like D&D more than anything else.

Bloodborne is probably more like Castlevania since it is more about melee fighting and it is gothic horror instead of fantasy horror.

Bloodborne is a better comparison for that IMO.

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as a castlevania fan and having played dark souls. i disagree i do not see it