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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Death Battle - Dr Strange vs Dr Fate


Who will win this Death Battle

Dr Strange 3 75.00%
Dr Fate 1 25.00%
Draw 0 0%

Upcoming Death Battle

Dr Strange vs Dr Fate

Cast your votes in on who you predict will win this fight to the death.

I will be linking the analysts on each character on release below. Full Fight is due out on the 11th June.

Dr Strange from Marvel Comics

Dr Fate from DC Universe

PREDICTION - Tight fight, watching both videos, I would predict Dr Fate, his training seems far beyond those from Dr Strange. Looking forward to this fight, its a good match up.


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Since Dr. Strange was terribly in effective the last time I saw him I would have to say Dr. Fate.

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Well, I have very little actual comic book knowledge, but my understanding is that DC's characters are generally more powerful, because they're pretty much all gods. I don't even know who Dr. Fate is, but I'm quite confident that he wins this, based on that alone.

Results are in. Enjoy the fight

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Wizard Magazine did this in their top ten heroes list in the 90s or early 2000s. They went with Doctor Fate. Things change over time, especially in comics but I still stand by their decision. This was a highly anticipated match up and it didn't disappoint!

Wizard chose Thor over Wonder Woman, too. Guess I need to quit holding on to twenty year old magazine articles as if they were the gospel.

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