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Do you like Destiny 2?

I haven't played Destiny 2. 3 60.00%
I used to like it, but do... 0 0.00%
I like it at launch, and still like it. 0 0.00%
I didn't like it at launc... 2 40.00%
I didn't like it at launc... 0 0.00%

Just wondering if the game's fanbase still enjoys the game. I know there was some DLC that took away base aspects of the game shortly after launch, and locked them behind a paywall. 

The sentence below is false. 
The sentence above is true. 


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Haven't played it. I thought Destiny was to be a ten year plan MMO style with reasobably priced expansions, not sequeals with small expansions that cost have the price of a full game. The only reason I bought D1 was because of this so i have no interest in buying into the sequeals. After Destiny 2 released it became clear they weren't fully focusing on Destiny 1 and if they had and did the expansions better with the content for the sequel they wouldn't be in this mess now.


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DLCs are fine if you want more things to do. I expect the September dlc to be really good.