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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Sony to have Shadow of the Tomb Raider marketing rights?


How much did you enjoy Rise of the TR?

10/10 0 0%
9/10 0 0%
8/10 2 40.00%
7/10 0 0%
6/10 1 20.00%
5/10 0 0%
4/10 2 40.00%

Surprised I didn’t see anyone mention this...did no one notice that the new SotTR trailer had the PS logo before and after it? This would virtually always indicate that Sony has the marketing rights. It would be interesting if TR partnered with PlayStation after RotTR (controversially) had one year exclusivity on XBO. I personally don’t care about this. And I really didn’t enjoy RotTR very much, but still interesting. 


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nope, that just means the video was shown on a playstation youtube channel....

Because the linked trailer is from the official PS channel.
Most of these trailers are given ps and xbox variants. Means nothing.

Ahhh. Well, oops! I guess we can lock this thread then.

If it's on Xbox One, it doesn't matter.

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pitzy272 said:
Ahhh. Well, oops! I guess we can lock this thread then.

I'll re-open should you end up right!