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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What are your most wanted announcements at the Bethesda E3 Press Conference?

Fallout 3/4 on the Switch would be awesome.

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Elder Scrolls Six...unlikely, but it is all I want.

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Ganoncrotch said:
Fallout 3/4 on the Switch would be awesome.

This is what I am expecting/hoping. I'm sure it'll also be a ps4/xb1 rerelease as well. 

All I need is RAGE 2. The first one was so fucking good. Probably the hardest platinum I got on PS3 because of missable collectibles.

I'm kinda excited to see if this Starfield-thing is real and what it is.

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I'm hoping for "Fallout in Space." That would please me to no end.

Fallout 3 remaster/remake would be awesome, as well. I recently tried to play Fallout 3 again but I couldn't do it, the visuals were so bad and it gave me a terrible headache.

Fallout 4 was such an excellent game, I'd love to dive back into it with another game the way New Vegas was built on F3 but that seems unlikely.

Kind of looking forward to seeing what happens with RAGE. The first game definitely had potential, though I expect anything new to be much different.

Something Fallout New Vegas-like and a sequel to Doom(2016) :3

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The only game I truly want is ES6 honestly, but I understand it´s not coming anytime soon....or, if this Starfield thing is real and it turns out to be like a "Elder Scrolls in space", then I´m interested.


Starfield and a Metroid game developed by id Software <.<


Edit: Oh, since the latter won't happen anyway: DOOM 2, please, I need it. Make the 2 with glowing eyes inside the two Os

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