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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Let's get our early E3 predictions out there.


Who will win E3?

Nintendo 21 55.26%
Sony 11 28.95%
Microsoft 3 7.89%
Other 3 7.89%

Square shows KH3 and FF7R at Sony's presentation, while a spinoff FF is shown for the Switch.

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Full Nintendo Predictions:
MP4 is a short teaser
Pokemon Switch is a no show
Smash starts and ends their press conferences, and the ending will be for a big third party character(Sora please?)
Fire Emblem is coming this year, worldwide release for November
Yoshi is fully detailed
Retro game has to be here, it doesnt matter if it is this year or not
More third party games than last year.

-Smash Bros. release date and gameplay (Ridley will be in the roster);
-Pokémon gameplay and release date for 2018;
-Fire Emblem gameplay;
-Retro's new IP revealed;
-Yoshi gameplay;
-Metroid Prime 4 gameplay, 2019;
-Bayonetta 3 gameplay, 2019;
-One old IP releasing in 2018;

-God of War DLC;
-Medievil Remastered gameplay, 2018;
-Ghost of Tsushima gameplay, 2019;
-The Last of Us Part 2 gameplay, 2019;
-Death Stranding gameplay;
-Spider-Man gameplay;

-2 new IPs;
-Fable reboot;
-Perfect Dark reboot;
-Halo 6 announcement;

twintail said:
Jranation said:
Just doing Nintendo:
-Pokemon Switch and it will be 2018!
-Animal crossing it will also be in 2018
- Fire emblem 2018 stays the same
- Fortnite announcement just like Rocket League
- More of Yoshi
- Crash in SMASH!
- Since they specifically said games in 2018, I dont think we will see games like Bayonetta 3 and MP4. But if for some reason 1 or both of them do release in 2018...... I will be clapping!
- I can see them releasing an HD remake of one of the Mario games for December.

I think all of these are quite possible yeah.

But you will see a 2019 game in the presentation. It just wont have prominent showing. So like a teaser or short trailer and nothing else. Whereas stuff like AC or FE for 2018 will have longer showings and more detailed info

Ah I see. If that is what they meant then yeah, I can see those 2 and more to appear

Pocky Lover Boy! 

My one big prediction is that Rare-characters will be in Smash Bros

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I think Nintendo will probably win, Sony being a close second. (Or perhaps they'll draw?)

Nintendo-wise, I'm looking forward to all the first party stuff, like Smash Bros and Pokemon. With Smash Bros, I'd like them to show the character roster a little - but I wouldn't want them to show all of it. I skipped Pokemon Sun/Moon and the Ultra set of sequels, so I really want Game Freak to innovate with Pokemon. Not sure how I'd feel with real-time battles though... Not sure if we'll see much Metroid Prime 4, though it would be great if they could add another teaser, this time to do with the story or something. I can see MP4 being the main event next year and if I'm honest, I just want them to spend as much time as they need polishing it up to the standard of the old trilogy.

As for Sony, there's one game I'm looking forward to above all else: Death Stranding. Trailers look amazing but I really want to see some gameplay - I wonder how that death mechanic will work - will you really go to that place underwater each time you die? Do you get to see your old corpse? Also really interested in Mad's character - though I'm still not convinced he's a standard "bad guy". Maybe a rival of some sort? Honestly any news from Kojima on the game would be great.

Being honest, I'm not a massive fan for the Last of Us, so I couldn't care less when it comes to TLOU2...

Still, I feel Sony can take a back seat this year and let the multiplats do all the work. Knowing Sony though, they've got some first/second party goodness up their sleeves. Sony and Nintendo are the reigning monarchs when it comes to exclusive content.

Which brings me on to Microsoft, and the Xbox One.

The poll above asked me who will win E3, not who I want to win E3... I'd love Microsoft to get back in the game, but I really don't see how they can. Halo isn't what it used to be, and whilst they have some other great franchises like Gears of War, I don't see them making any new old IP games. Regardless, hopefully we see some Crackdown 3 - I'm not sure I want to buy it but it's certainly peaked my interest. Perhaps some new IP from Microsoft could steal the show - but I doubt it...

So, apart from a few multi-plats (and publishers like Bethesda), that's it from me. I'd really like Microsoft to come out with something big, but I've not got my expectations high...

Because of what they've already teased so far, Nintendo.

- Smash trailer with at least two newcomers revealed.
- Fire Emblem gameplay trailer + official name + release date.
- Spyro Reignited Trilogy on Switch, will release later than the other versions.
- Something Zelda related. Could be a new 2D game, a Skyward Sword remaster (I hope it's this) or a OoT 3D remaster for Switch (2018 is OoT's 20th anniversary).
- Yoshi gameplay trailer + official name + release date.
- A big third-party game gets announced for Switch.
- Something unexpected from Nintendo, but it won't be Retro's game since I'm assuming that's coming next year.
- Still no signs of Virtual Console and/or Mother 3 :(
- Either Metroid Prime 4 or Bayonetta 3 will get a trailer as a "one last thing" moment, to tease their 2019 lineup.

Sony: I'm not into Playstation, so no clue.

Microsoft: Same as above, but I'm 100% sure there will be yet another Forza game since they seem to announce one every E3.

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Neil Druckman confirmed on record that the Last Of Us 2 will appear at E3 2018 with gameplay footage. So everyone can scratch that off their list.

Ill start with Nintendo:

Nintendo is a bit hard to say, because they sadi that this year E3 conference will be exclusive to games releasing this year, so games like Bayonetta 3 and MP 4 might not appear.But given how unpredictable they are, its hard to say either way.Here is what I think it will happen:

- First of all, the focus of the E3 for Nintendo will be Smash.There is no question about will be the big game in their booth, and will probably occupy a space as big as Mario did last year.They will probably open with it, gameplay trailer and caracther trailer, and the game will probably at least show up one more time during the conference.

-Im fairly certrain we will get updates on already announced titles.Yoshi will have an appearance there, and will ahve both the Title shown and a release date, as the game was reported in the financial briefing to be comming this year.

- But the most obvious of this topic:Fire Emblem will finally be revealed.Full blowout trailer, both with gameplay and CGI trailer, and probably with a shitton of amiibos announced for it.Just for the sake of it, I think that FE will feel very different, thought the core gameplay will be the same.What i mean with this is that I think they will drop the 16 bit artstyle for the top view, and go for fully animated 3D models for every kind of view, in an effort to push the series sales and pedigree to the next level.As it is happenign with every Nintendo franchise, I believe they think this next FE game can break the previous record, and manage to reach the 5 million units sold milestone.

- We wont see Pokemon here.Period.We are not getting Pokemon this holiday season, and the earliest I see it releasing is early next year, like March.So if they plan to reveal Pokemon this year, its going to be in a later date.They will have more than enough compelling software for 2018 and they can afford Pokemon in 2019.People underestimate way too much the appeal of the other Nintendo IPs.

- With MP4 and Bayonetta 3 being a noshow this E3, at least as far as Nintendo is concerned, thats about it for announced first party games.But then again, I think they will compensate with third party support.I trully believe that this year E3 is where we will see if third party will take off in the Switch(but nothing at the level of PS4 or XOne, the power difference is still there and the lack of trust and connections between Nintendo and other companies wont be fixed in one generation alone).So for whatever genre Nintendo dosent cover, other companies will fill in for Nintendo.

- One special mention is that i trully believe Bethesda will annmounce Doom 2(Doom 5) at their conference and it will also be announced for the Switch.I know that more games will probably will be announced, most likely all ports, but I felt that one deserved a special mention.

-Now to cover unannounced first party or second party games, I feel like Wonderful 101 will be announced, given Nintendo great relationship with Platinum and Bayonetta 2 good sales on the Switch.Plus all the teasing Platinum did of the game.

-We are bound to get anything related about Retro.I mean, its about fucking time, even if they wont release their game this year(yeah, Im opening an exception for this one game/studio).I mean, nintendo knows how anxious gamers are to know about what they have been working on, and by E3, it will have been 4 and a hald years since they have been working on.... something.Even if we get a MP 4 treatment and only get a title/very small teaser, we ARE getting something.

-Animal Crossing.I think its obvious we are getting this game.Plus, i believe that the online aspect of it will be bigger than in previous games, so it makes sense to release this holiday, in order to push the online service.

- Now for wishful thinking:I hope that more high quality and big budget RPGs are announced for the Switch, be them first party or not.The system is starting to get its share of RPGs, but we need more.I believe, for example, we are going to get NI No Kuni II announced at E3.Hopefully they fix the difficulty.

- Just as a sidenote: apart from a trailer for the season pass, we wont hear a pip from Monolith.Their next game is probably nowhere near close to completion, so Nintendo wont talk about it.

Now for Sony:

- At least from a first party perspective, they will be quite predictable and the least surprising.Given that they already have alot of their games announced and and with release windows, they probably dont want to make the same mistake as Square and announce games years in advance just for fans to get pissed that said games never release.So we will be getting updates on The Last Of Us 2, one final push for Spiderman,Actually see Ghost of Tsushima(This one will be interesting, because we say little of it), Death Stranding and hopefully see a god damn gameplay trailer instead of more of Kojima dream senquences, Dreams and that art games about painting walls.

- I can see them announcing one new game though, but thats about it.Maybe it will take form as a second party game, like Bloodborne, or a first party one(Though I dont think they have any studio that had worked enough time on a title to show stuff).And just to leave it out there:No, we are not seeing Horizon2 yet.Too early guys.

- Having said that, I dont think there is much reason to worry, because what they will lack from surprises from the first party side, they will compensate for the third party side.As usual, we are getting updates on already announced games:KH III with a release date, FF 7 Remake with a 2025 release date, and so on.

- I also think its about time we hear something about RE 2 remake.I mean, the game was announced years ago, but we have seen nothing of it until now.With RE 7 having been released one and a half year already, I think its about time we hear anything about it.

-And I also think we will see DMC V, with the real Dante comming back.Being a heavily rumored game and usually associated with PS, I think it will make its debut there.

- As for wishful thinking:I hope they reboot the Pursuit Force franchise.Such an unique idea, and it would be a game very different from the games that Sony usually offers.It would be so awesome to see it happening.

Now for Microsoft:

Ill just comment on it, because I feel like MS is now in a lose lose situation.If they end pumping out great games for the One, they may sell great, but its not like they will recover the lost ground MS lost with XOne, much like Nintendo with the Wii U.I feel like the damage has already been done.But if they wait for the next generation to try again(which they should in my opinion), it will probably mean a lackluster E3 by them this year, first party games related.

Having said that, Ill still guess a bit about the games they will announce.As far as third party is concerned, I dont think we will see nothing mindblowing, bar new games from big companies like EA or Activision which usually isnt anything much different than there is in the industry nowadays.They might nab something like Metro like they did last year, but I dont think it will be in great quantity.

As for first party games, outside of the usual suspects like Forza, I feel liek its time to see Halo 6, even if it ends up being a cross gen title.Outside of that, I think MS will push for new IPs or revival of beloved old IPs.I do believe that we will see a new and properly high budget Perfect Dark game.Its a game that can and will win back some of the hardcore gamers trust, if its well done, and its something that MS dearly needs, something that MS and Phil knows that they need to do.Now, wether this will be released for this gen, or hold back for MS to try from the scratch with a new console, its anyones guess.What I think its fair to say though, I think every new game thats comming from MS, barring Forza, that havent been announced yet will be cross gen.



Wow, this turned out way bigger than I expected.

My (locked) thread about how difficulty should be a decision for the developers, not the gamers.