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Forums - General Discussion - Do you enjoy cooking? Do you enjoy working out? How many times per week?

Farsala said:
Cobretti2 said:
I agree both are good things to have in life if you got the time.

For me I do not.

Work 10 hours, then come home and work on my own business which at times can keep me up till 4am. so basically i am working all day lol.

No video games? :P Need some downtime to balance that out.

Only on my smart phone at lunch time at work lol and if i take a break at home lol.

I still buy games though. My backlog will be 500+ easy now. One day i'll get to them lol...



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I hate cooking. If i can't cook it in 15 minutes or less, then i pretty much don't eat it. As for working out, i have no motivation to work out. Thankfully i get a ton of exercise at work. I walked about 35 miles at work, just last week alone.

I don't enjoy working out but I enjoy cooking. I cook every now and then but not often.

If you require alcohol to have fun, then you have a problem

I am forced to cook for myself every day. I think i'm decent. The only thing is coming up with a dish, which takes the most time.

I swim three times a week.

I cook fairly often, find it to be considerably more fun than any other household chores. Maybe 5 times a week?

I'm not a fan of pure "working out", in the gym, prefer to integrate my exercise in either an excursion or some competitive sport.

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