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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Shinya Takahashi teases possible Wave Race return !

When asked about Wave Race during the BAFTA awards ceremony Shinya Takahashi teased that Switch owners might see the game in the future since Nintendo has been trying to make many games, among which MIGHT be Wave Race, Takahashi also claimed he personally loves the Wave Race games.



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Well that make sense, Switch is unifed Nintendo platform so Nintendo will look to have difrent type of games so they could revisited some older IPs .

I'd be down for it. Would be interesting to see how it stacks up against Riptide

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That'd be cool actually, I hope that Nintendo really does just put out these titles to give Switch owners a bone.

Shinya Takahashi inherited Shigeru Miyamoto's job as general producer at Nintendo, so his statement can't be brushed off as meaningless. It's essentially the most powerful position when it comes to greenlighting games and deciding on their direction, although he might not have exactly as much say as Miyamoto used to have, because Miyamoto seemed to be able to do just about anything he wanted.

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Interesting, a new trademark registered in 2016. where is smoke...

I love Wave Race but I'm not getting my hopes up...
He could be hinting at a new Wave Race, but it also reads like a very diplomatic nonanswer...

Have a nice day...

Oh yeah, gimme baby.

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Wave Race 64 was awesome. I loved that game.

Also WR64 was directed by Shinya Takahashi.

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